Kedah Couture

Kedah was also called “Kadaram” and “Kataha”. The founder of the Kedah Sultanate was Raja Merong Mahawangsa who also ruled Patani, Perak and Siam (original name of Thailand).

Because of its close proximity to Thailand, Thai influence can be seen in the traditional garments of Kedah communities. Among them is the ‘baju Kurung Kedah’ that resembles the simple short blouse often worn by women of Thailand, shorter than the common ‘baju Kurung’, but still considered demure when matched with ‘kain sarong berlipat’. The ‘baju Kurung Cekak Musang’ matched with ‘ baju Sikap’ are the favourite attire of Malay men. The ‘baju Sikap’ has been worn as early as 1786, with buttons running down the front up to the waistline and is matched with Chinese influenced pants and ‘samping’.




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