Kelantan Costumes

The traditional attire of the legendary Cik siti Wan Kembang a princess who ruled Kelantan in the 17th Century, is highlighted as its main trational costumes. It is fashioned from three pieces of fabric, the songket sarong, the lengthy silk piece worn at the chest and the shawl made of songket fabric worn over the shoulder. To add to its allure, the costume is adorned with pendants, belts, bangles and cucuk sanggul.

This traditional fashion style is refined further in line with modesty requirements of Islam. The shawl which is worn over the head further enhances the sweet appearance of the female wearer. The men look striking in the Baju Mengan or Baju Putera Raja, an attire which is unique in that the colours are unmatched. This is also worn in combination with Acheh style trousers and a flowery samping and waistband..




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