Negeri Sembilan Couture

Negeri Sembilan had its earliest influence from the Minangkabau tradition, because of its close proximity to Sumatra. The first wave of migration started as early as the 15th century from Pagar Ruyung during the rule of the Malaccan Sultanate. This influence is clearly seen from the attire of both men and women in the state.

For men, the ‘baju Sikap’ is worn in a five-piece ensemble consisting of a medium-length jacket, a vest worn inside, pants worn with a ‘samping, and the head adornment ‘tengkolok’.

Women are graceful in their ‘baju Kurung Teluk Belanga’ or ‘kebaya labuh’ in matching sarong. For affluent women descendants of the Minangkabau, their garments are made from gold-thread embroidered velvet adorned with labuci. Their sarongs are fully-patterned songket from Pantai Sikek or Batu Bara in Sumatra.


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