Perak Couture

Silk Acehnese pants with gold-thread embroidery, ‘kain samping’ tied at the waist with an impressive belt and ‘pending’, a top garment ‘baju cekak musang’ adorned with a long scarf thrown over the right shoulder, with the other end on the left forearm, are reminiscences of the noted Puteri Perak (Perak Princess) style.

From the time Sultan Muzaffar Shah (Sultan Mahmud’s eldest son) moved to Perak, he ruled a kingdom on the banks of the Perak River. There, a system replacing the royal sultan institution was established, starting with Raja Di Hilir, Raja Bendahara, Raja Muda and Paduka Seri Sultan. The Sultanate was instrumental in the creation of wonderful and colourful garments for the royal ceremonies according to the rank and status of the wearer.


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