Sarawak Costumes

The beauty presents within Sarawak ethnic costumes are further accentuated by the intricate handiwork decorating each traditional ensemble with ethnic motits fashioned from striking woven cloth, colourful beads and glittering sequins. The personal adornments crafted out of silver and colourful beads signifies the status and affluence of the wearer.

The Malay men usually dresses in traditional Baju Melayu cekak Musang with Sarawak woven songket samping. The Malay women gracefully attired in Baju Kurung and songket sarong, complete with shawl. The fashion style of Melanau men is in simple satin attire worn with brocade samping and Javanese style headgear. The womenfolk usually wears Baju Baban with oversized cuffs and Sarawak songket including gold and silver adornments.


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