Selangor Couture

The traditional garments of the royal Bugis have to a vast extent influenced the traditional Selangor couture. The Bugis sarong is a must when worn with the ‘baju Kebaya Labuh’ for women, while the men are resplendent in their ‘baju Sikap’, a five-piece suit consisting of the ‘tengkolok’, shirt, pants, cummerbund, and ‘kain samping’ – a fabric with gold thread weaves in stripes and palmettes and traditionally worn by affluent Bugis families.

The development of Selangor as a commercial centre had brought, in its wake, many ethnic people to its shores such as Rawa, Mendeling, Batu Bara, Java, Ban, Banjar and Minangkabau. Along with this influx, came a flood of diverse cultures, traditions and customs.


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